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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Check out these great resources and pass along the links:

From the Government of Canada:

Also - Check out your regional government’s cyber awareness pages in local languages – Cyber Security Awareness Month is Global!

More than likely, you have already read about several recent high profile cyber incidents.  Equifax and Deloitte are just two recent examples of large companies entrusted with private and confidential data from their customers who have had their systems compromised and their business harmed by cyber criminals. 
Consider the implications of something like that happening at your workplace.  Loss of shareholder value for your company, loss of customer contracts/business, fines from regulators. All big risks to business and strong reasons to stay vigilant about Information and IT Security!
The need to stay aware and stay safe is not just about the workplace either. Take steps today to ensure your home network and systems use strong passwords (never factory defaults), and are up to date with the latest software and security patches.  Make sure passwords used for private or financial information are strong ones. Better yet, use a passphrase made up of several words strung together to make that password extra secure.  Who cares the most about protecting you and your family?  That’s YOU!
It’s easy to see why Information and IT Security is a top priority for many companies!  Make staying safe both at home and in the workplace a top priority for yourself too!