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The Cyber-boogeyman

There is no shortage of hype about the ever increasing threats to your personal data.

ID theft, state sponsored baddies, ATP’s, black hat hackers, phishers, trojans, ddos, malware, worms, viruses, the lexicon of Cyber-stuf grows daily and the list of very large and supposedly secure companies who have lost control of massive amounts of data (some of probably yours), is staggering.  It’s enought to make you a Luddite wannabe.

So, what to do?

Don’t panic. Cover the basics, guard your privacy.

Covering the basics means, don’t use default or easy to guess passwords on any accounts or equipment. Try using a passphrase (several words strung together).  They are easier to remember and much harder to crack.

Guard your privacy. Actually read the privacy policy of the app you are about to use and learn how to use the tools available in the app to restrict the use of your private informations.