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Just the facts


A lifelong photography hobbyist who has recently started to share and show my work. I hope it brings you some of the joy I have found in creating it. 

I enjoy the entire process of creating a photographic print, from the press of the shutter all the way through to the translation to print media. I have worked with both film and digital, in the dark room and in front of my computer. I like to work with various print media and my interest in subjects and techniques varies greatly as I enjoy constantly learning and challenging myself. While I strive to satisfy my need to express myself with every image that reaches the printed stage, to deliver an image that also evokes an emotional response, prompts a memory or even inspires a viewer is an even greater reward. 

Management Consulting:

A seasoned information technology and business leader with over thirty-five years of manufacturing experience in the automotive industry. 
Senior Executive Roles in IT, Risk Management, Security, Vendor Management and VP of IT in a large public company. 
My management style is to lead by example and stay on task until the job is done and the customer requirements satisfied. I strongly believe that a simple solution is always more effective than an elegant one. My formula for success is a small, smart team, then trust, delegate, empower and support. I believe a good manager’s job is to work with the team to set the strategy then get out of way until needed to break down roadblocks. My in-plant experience with materials management and logistics followed by executive roles in IT gives me a broad business based perspective and helps bring the business objectives of the company to the information technology group.